Every 'Bridge The Gap' event is a new opportunity to prove something to yourself, your crew, and everyone from around the world who’s there. This year, we were given the honour to host our first-ever full-marathon BTG event in Berlin. We knew it was a special privilege and wanted to challenge ourselves both creatively and athletically, to bring a fresh race-weekend to the table and do something unique and inspiring. So that we could highlight and celebrate the best runners from within the BTG community.

We invited each crew taking part – from New York to Copenhagen, Toronto to Belgrade – to select two runners (one male and one female) who would represent their team in the ' BTG Open Championships’ on marathon day. By introducing the championship component and focusing on performance, we wanted to show the world we’re not only about having a good time, but that we’re a passionate community of committed athletes and elite runners as well. We called on everyone to embrace this challenge as ‘The Race Within’.

This is our recap:



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Run Pack Berlin, Mark Kiptoo, Roland Limburger, Kathi Zimmermann, Michael Welker, Paul Ward, Hamish Templeton, Cla Mercedes, Pim Rinkes, Nailya Bikmurzina, Daniil Liakhovitski, Julian-Sebastian Gerdes, Dilim Onyia, Nada Ivanovic, Mika Moriyama, Andreea Pavel & Freddy Kana

Bridge the Gap family reunited in Berlin
Introducing Mark Kiptoo

The Race Within "Limited Edition" Running Vest  
NBRO: Anders & Melissa
Polizei Berlin
Paris Running Club: Maxime Papin
Berlin Braves: Coach Luke
Parkdale Roadrunners: Jean-Philippe
Patta Running Team: Jermaine Breidel

Creative Director: Joey W. Elgersma 

Camera 1, drone op, editor, colourist:Sam Templeton

Camera 2, assistant CD:Dayma Otene 

Photography: Pim Rinkes & Nailya Bikmurzina

Music:Jamie XX - Gosh