Sports and Creation. That's What we're all about.
Established in 2012 by joey w. Elgersma, the berlin braves are a community sports club that focuses not only on athletic performance, but on creative expression as well.

we're a microcosm of our city's dynamic and international community, and we're here to live and showcase our progressive approach towards athletics and urban sports. our goal is to continue to do all of the things we love, give back to our city by motivating and involving the next generation and build a community of like-minded sports enthusiasts, creatives and personalities here in Berlin. uplifting the young generation and changing their way of viewing performance while providing personal, engaging and fun environment is where our commitment is rooted.

in 2017, we moved into our new Headquarters right in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg. Since then this has become the official home for our club's family and friends. our hq also serves as our creative studio and store, where we develop our own designs, projects and collaborate with various international brands and creatives.

interested in joining a training session? feel like you fit right in, creatively?
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